Happy Todd, Happy Thoughts!

Our 2 little co-founders ( Phoenix & Phoebe ) came to this world on 18/6/2018. Everyone is overwhelmed with their arrival, especially Mummy whom can’t wait to start dressing them up.

 HappyTodd was created to bring in some fun yet affordable outfits for our identical twins. It might seem fun to dress them up in identical outfits, however, what’s more fun than to customise outfits for them?!

We aim to provide quality and affordable clothing with a hinge of fun by customising the designs for your little one. Happy Todd is the platform for anyone who appreciates fun creative ideas on quality fabrics. All our products go through an extensive design process. We design your baby clothes for FREE, so you can skip all these hardwork!

We believe that our babies deserve the best, hence we emphasise on every single details. Whether you are buying it as a gift or for your own little ones, we do hope you enjoy these gifts as much as our twins do!

 Like the brand itself said, happy toddlers, happy thoughts!

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The twins are on Instagram : @thepcomics

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