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Yes you got it right. We are sending you a SGD18.80 voucher for you to choose your favourite original baby romper. All you need is just our normal shipping and handling fees. Oh yea, it is only valid for our Singapore Customers Only.

Limited Time Only

Limited time and limited quantity only. Happytodd reserves the right to cancel or amend the promotion without prior notice. Happytodd will cancel any orders if fraud is detected. Any unused amount will be forfeited. Voucher cannot be exchange for cash. This promotion is only valid for Singapore only.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I print my own designs on the romper?

Yes you definitely can! Be creative and design your own romper. However, we are only giving SGD18.80 voucher to you, so you got to top up the difference. 🙂

Can I add my baby name or a custom text?

Yes, you can, you may use the voucher for [Add Your Name] series. This series allows enough space to add your baby’s name only. If you need a bigger customizable space you make use of the Design your own series. However, you need to top up the price difference. Any further assistance you may ask us via Whatsapp by clicking on the green box ” We Can Help You” at the bottom of the screen.

My child do not wear rompers anymore can I use it for the Tshirts instead?

SGD18.80 voucher is for anything on the site. You can use it for anything. However, do note that it is for single use only. Any unused amount will be forfeited and cannot be exchanged for cash. You will also need to top up if the price of the item is more than SGD18.80.

I'm from Australia can I still use the voucher?

We are sorry, the voucher is only applicable to Singapore Customers only. But you may still sign up for the mailing list. If we can enough of your demographics we might include your country in the promotion in the future.

When will I get my voucher?

Almost immediately after sign up. Dependent on system delays. Do make sure you check your junk/spam mail box. Sometimes it might end up there.

I need help where can i find you?

We understand that sometimes you need urgent help. See the little green box that says “WE CAN HELP YOU” click on it and we will be linked up on Whatsapp. Urgent or not we are here to answer to your enquiries. Do give us some time to reply if you require help in the wee hours. Thank you for your kind understanding. We operate on UTC +8 Singapore Time.

Can I gift the voucher to my friend?

All the vouchers are linked to your email. It is better to give your friend this page link so he/she can sign up themself.

When will I recieve my item?

You will have to place your order first. Once order and payment is confirmed we will proceed with printing your romper(s). Depending on load, it will usually take 5-10 working days to reach you.

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