Customise your own design – Add Photo and Text (Hoodie)


Customise your gift and Kid’s sweater hoodie

Chilly and rainy weather?  No worries. Make an unmistakable kid’s sweater hoodie perfect for cool weather and chilly air-con classes that you send your kids to. You can sure spot your kids in the crowded shop or room. Our customize sweater hoodie has been tailored to suit Singapore’s needs. It is made of 100% cotton, only slightly thicker than the usual t-shirt. Not too hot for the normal commute on public trains and buses. Safety has also been our biggest priority. Our sweater hoodie has got no strings on the neck area. Customise the way you want it so you can spot your kids from afar.

Print your favourite baby photo on the Kids Sweater Hoodie. Accompany it with text be it baby’s name or Instagram handle, It is all up to you. Make sure that image is within the A5 paper size limit.

To ensure good quality print:

  • Make sure that photo is of good quality. (Photos that taken straight out from your phone/camera.)
  • Avoid photos
    • sent through Whatsapp/Wechat.
    • downloaded copyright materials.
    • from screenshot/ Screen Capture/ Screen Grab.
    • from instagram or facebook.
  • When in doubt feel free to whatsapp us using the link on our website

WHATSAPP US NOW. And we will create a mock up for you.

*Image is for illustration only. Colours and Size may slightly differ due to the size of the romper and calibration of your screen.

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